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Rune Sizing

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Ok, you might argue it's a bit late now as I've already got one, but I guess just looking for peace of mind.

After a test ride I ordered my medium Rune (I'm just under 5'10"). I've become more used to smaller bikes, but I think partly because of this my back has begun to suffer.

I've now had around 4 months off the bike, and getting back into riding over the last few weeks has left me wondering if I should have bought a large.

It actually feels pretty good pedalling, but it's when I stand up that the horizontal distance between feet and hands feels a bit small. I'm currently running a 75mm stem, and don't really want to go any longer.

Don't get my wrong, I love the bike. Feels way more controlled on the downs than the coil horst link I had before. I just wish it had a 72-73 seat angle to push out that feet to hands distance.

Was thinking of getting some higher rise bars to 'open me out a bit'!!! Any ideas?
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I'd try to open it up some. I'm 5'11",on a large with 90mm stem, and still find it short in comparison to my previous Heckler. Mind you, I'm more biased to 2-3hr trail rides with lots of ups. It's all about compromise, and what you want out of the bike for it's intended purpose.
It's a hard call for someone your size to decide on which size bike to purchase. Your right on that line between M and L. Give another length stem a go. I'd say a lay back post, but you'll never find a 30mm one. I happen to have a 60mm stem for downhill days. Ride On.
layback seat post

The seat position isn't the issue, it's when I'm stood up. I'd be interested to know the thinking behind the slack seat angle, I'm not complaining, just thinking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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