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Rune Grease etc.

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Been riding the rune every day at least 2-3 hrs for about a month and wash bike like every other day. Mostly dusty dirt, it's been super hot and dry here.

Question - how often do I need to add/change grease? Is there instructions on this anywhere? What type pf grease to get?

Frame rules btw - XL is mad long but can turn like hell even on super twisty trails. It runs best when ridden fast as possible. I love it!

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I find Manitou Prep-M grease to be the best. In terms of re-greasing intervals: I am sure different people will give you different answers, plus it depends on what conditions you ride in. I would say inject new grease in every 4-5 rides, in dirty/dusty conditions, but then again that I prefer to be on the safe side.

There is a guide on how to do it here
Oh here's a tip. You may or may not experience this, but the first time I went to lube mine, the small set-screws got stuck inside the axle after I unscrewed them.Thus, I could not get a grease gun in there. Turned out there was a little bit of machining "flash" left around the bottom of the larger allenhead opening- the one you use to tighten the pivot.

Super easy fix- just used s screw driver to scrap the excess flash off around the edges.

Here's a section of the pivot, the red stuff is the "flash" which is trapping the grey set-screw behind it.

PS, I couldn't find any prep-M so I used lithium grease.


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Tx for the tip and pic. : ) Could save me a headache.
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