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I've got an '08 (I think anyway, was purchased from Adrenaline Bikes in early '09, build finished mid '09) team colors Rune with a Hammerschmidt that I'm looking to give the crankset off of my 4" play bike (1x9'd-since-birth, custom build '09 Jamis Parker with a Middleburn RS7 crankset, Salsa 34t SS/1x9 ring, ISCG03 E.13 LS1 chainguide and a 73x118mm BB) for light DH purposes (and better pedaling and lower weight and all that jazz), but after having used far more spacers on my Parker to get the chainline and chainring/chainguide alignment correct than I would like, I'm wondering if running a 73x113mm BB wouldn't be a better idea, since I spaced the chainring 2mm to the left from the crank spider, and my current chainguide is spaced about 0.5mm out from the frame.

it seems as if going to a 113mm spindle would let me get rid of those spacers while only really moving my chain line 0.5mm to the left, which I could fix with the clever use of a file if I really wanted/needed to. just as a matter of interest, I'm running the DH/FR spider (no provisions for mounting a granny) and as per Middleburn, RS7/8 cranks with that spider have a chainline of 50mm with a 73x113mm BB. I can't help but wonder though, is the design of the frame such that these cranks will clear the chainstays with a 118mm spindle, but not clear with a 113mm spindle?

I know that was a bit long winded and slightly hard to follow, but hey, it's almost midnight and I'm running on coffee more than anything else :D
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