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Just wanted to share my recent experience with MRP's progressive coil on my Rune. I love it!!!

I weigh ~205lbs kitted. I'm using a CC DB Coil CS. I used to run a 500lbs Valt Spring. I always felt that the suspension was harsh, but bottomed out way too often. I had to close HSC almost completely to reduce bottom outs and I had about 3.5 turns in the preload. Small bump sensitivity was terrible.
Today I tried the MRP progressive spring 500+. I opened up most of the HSC, added some HSR, lowered LSR and set up preload at 1 turn to start out.
I was surprised on how smooth suspension felt, grip increased a lot especially on big loose wet rocks.
I went off some jumps and made an effort to land hard, I did not bottom out, my fork almost went full travel.
Need to fine tune it but initial impression is great.
MRP was great helping out, we exchanged a few e-mails and they recommended 450+ but I didn't listen as I rather be on the safe side. I don't regret my decision.
Hope this info helps some of you worried about going coil on the Rune.
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