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Rumblefish 2 vs '10 Stumpjumper Expert

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I've seen these two bikes compared to other bikes but not head to head. Anyone had time on both of these models and care to comment?
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My decision too...?

On the face of it two very similar looking bikes for sure. The numbers are so close to make no difference at all.

I think it would come down to suspension performance, which includes G2, and frame stiffness

The Expert has been compared to the DW Sultan to be at least as good a performer which sounds very promising.

My understanding is the RF is similar to VPP and I read here of one rider reporting a need for propedal.

My priority in looking for a new FS bike is it being an efficient pedaler, and it seems the Spesh may get the nod on that.
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Here's GT's take on RF's shock feel

Nothing fond on the how the Expert feels though
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