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I got an RST m-29 air fork a few months ago (an older model, but unused at the time) and recently it seems like it has started to leak. I run the fork regularly at around 100psi(high, i know) and it tends to drop down to 60-80psi after sitting overnight. It tends to stay around there though. I definitely abuse this fork, use it for hard trail riding and dirt jumping, some urban jumping, as well as stair climbs at high speeds, so it would not surprise me if I have destroyed it.

So my question is, how do I fix a problem like this? it is my first air fork, and I only have experience with working on coil forks. Should I bother trying to fix it myself? or should I bring it into a shop?


Edit: Also, it seems now that the fork is only getting 63mm of it's 80mm travel. could this be related?
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