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SpudH said:
Cheers, currently running Magura Laurins which are great on the flat and descents but for climbing the front wanders a bit.
You may want to try running 30% sag. I found (by accident) my ML became much more stable with a bit more sag. It felt a bit undersprung, but I really liked the .25 inch reduction in bottom bracket height. The main problem was the bike would squat badly during steep climbs due to lack of mid-stroke support. A trip to Push fixed that, and now the bike is damn near perfection. You may be able to add some mid-stroke by turning up the ProPedal. I didn't have that option since my shock was a Fox Float R.

The other option would be to lower your fork 10 -15mm.

Good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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