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Hi folks, so far I have had 4 droppers in my life:
-KS dropzone - nice dropper not even a single scratch on a stanchion after 3 years of riding
- Giant contact - just a dropper same as above 2 years of riding with no scratches

And now we speak of my biggest problem
-Reverb I have used 2 reverbs for 4 months each (had to replace 125mm with 150mm) and they're awesome I love the thumb lever etc. However I am concerned about the stanchion. Each of my reverbs got pretty quickly scratched after being hit with a stone that was thrown by tire of whatsoever. Just wondering if it is just just or anyone else has the same problems/concerns? Cause neither KS nor Giant got damaged. Actually my current Reverb hasn't been to mountains yet
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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