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I have the 2013 Revelation RCT3 Solo Air fork. I've used up the free basic service kit that was included in the box with the new fork. I need to service it again but cannot find the basic service kit for my fork anywhere online.

I ended up buying a service kit from Universal Cycles for the 2014 Revelations. Later I learned that SRAM changed the rebound damper in 2014 and it now uses a "taller" glide ring (see second photo, right). I remember that in my 2013 Revelations the glide rings for rebound and compression dampers were the same size. Can someone please let me know if this is the only difference between the 2013 and 2014 kits? Are all other O rings the same size? Would be good to know before opening the fork and finding out that nothing fits...

(The dust wipers have also changed from grey to black from 2013 to 2014, but that's not an issue).

And where do ppl get their service kits for 2013 Revelations Solo Air from? Thanks.

Universal cycles
'14 Revelation Solo Air (32mm)
Item #: 49956-148159
Universal Cycles -- Rock Shox Fork Basic Service Kits

Circle Metal Silver Aluminium Household hardware

Jewellery Metal Circle Body jewelry Bangle

Packaging and labeling Label Material property Carton Packing materials
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