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RS Domain with Mission Control DH?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to fit a Mission Control DH damper in a Rockshox Domain?
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is mission control the same as motion control?
if so, then yes.
Motion Control: Just low speed compression Adjustments
Mission Control DH: High and Low Speed Compression Adjustments

I do know it is is possible to upgrade to motion control, but it would be nice to have high speed compression adjustment too.
hells yes it would. so i too would like to know the answer to this...i may as well (if possible) upgrade to mission control if i can.
this has been discussed many times before. the answer is no, as the inner diameter of the domain stanchion is such that the MiCo damper will not fit.
I don't know the cost of a Mission control damper, but Avalanche is making a drop in cartridge for the Domain's. mm Cartridge.html
Holy smokes, that is COOL but kina expensive....
that is pricey, but looks nice.
for that kind of dough, i'd just sell my domain and buy a lyric as in the end the price would about even out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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