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RS 2010 Boxxer oil seal question

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Hey, my buddy's fork oil seals are leaking after his road trip this past week, and we're leaving for Whistler soon (Thurs). Trying to find a kit for him (still on the road) so we can get him dialed before the trip.

For 35mm Boxxers, are the seals compatible with Lyrik/Domain seals, in case that's all we can find in stock?

RS parts list shows 2010 Boxxer seal kit as 11.4015.358.00, but Domain and Lyrik (35mm stanchions, also) as part # 11.4015.067.000.

Enduro shows one kit for 35mm Boxxers/Lyrik/Domain.

Anyone know first hand if the RS Lyrik/Domain seals are compatible on a 35mm Boxxer?

Thanks in advance!
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Worst case call enduro and ask the differences and if needed overnight the little things...
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