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RR- Ros race course, ridge, Rat Pac

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Took friend Scott w/ an Iphone along so we could map it out. 15+ miles/ around 2400 feet of elevation gain. We all had a good time and slept pretty well last night. :)

The boys at the top... husband decided while pushing his bike up to the ridge road that he was going to call this ride "Little Girl", lol.

There's major repairs going on the first hill of the race course, but other than that just about everything is looking better than ever. Rat Pac was still sporting one 'surprise', dunno how everyone else is taking this one....

Coming down Rat Pac we got onto a stretch that I ride serveral times a week at lunch. There's one little section that has a sharp switchback/drop to the right that leads into another tight switchback curling around a tree to the left. This is a tricky bit, as the tree roots slope the turn to the outside and the soil is too soft to create a berm. Basically your bike wants to fall off into the grass and brush to the outside. I've had a lot of trouble on this turn and consider it a good day when I can 'clean' the turn without putting a foot down, but that usually requires going very slow and picking my way over it.... probably nothing for your collective mad biking skilz, but still for ME it's a good challenge.

Of course Scott didn't have a clue, and the trail builds up a good bit of speed there, and the first switchback being heavily brushed he couldn't see what he was getting into. He was ahead of me just far enough that I could still see him on straight sections coming into the first turn.... then I suddenly heard: "AAAAGGGH!" *whumfp* through the brush from the other side of the switchback.

I'm SO gonna burn in hell for this, but I'll admit it... I immediately burst out laughing because I just KNEW that tree had eaten Scott before I even got around the corner. Fortunately the ground there is really soft, and he didn't bung up his ribs worse than they already were from a fall he'd taken earlier this week.
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Burn baby, burn.......

Map looks good.

When is the Roslyn MTB Race again?
Ros race will be July 26, family poker ride the 25th.
I was up at Rat Pac on Sunday running on mountain biker time thinking I would see Mike and maybe a couple others doing some trail work. I got to the top and ran into four guys from North Bend running the trail but no Mike. I finally hiked down to the "Vista" paved road and back up doing a little maintenance whacking the brush back. Got some exercise in. I didnt see the hole in the picture so it must be down near the bottom. The guys from North Bend like the trail. They have been over a couple of times previously.
Wasn't it you flying by on the road bike Sat afternoon that we were yelling at and banging on the car door for? Or maybe I'd had too much wine and beer with my after-ride pizza and I was yelling like an idiot at some total stranger, lol.....
That was me, pretty good reaction time though after a couple of beers. Kind of alternating between road and mountain. Map reminds me I need to figure out how to use the GPS.
Husband had me finish up his Irish Death... let's just say the stuff is aptly named.
are you guys going to be around this weekend for the fourth? my wife and I are heading up to the lake for the weekend and i was hoping to ride rat pac for the first time. I've still never done even though i grew up in Eburg.... looking for some to maybe show me how to get there sometime over the weekend...
I'm gonna be here all weekend although I'm working for a few hours on Saturday for the parade. If nothing else I could point you in the right direction. Mike's shop is down by the flagpole park in Cle Elum, and he'd be able to hook you up as well.
one more question, my wife's gonna be around too, whats the techy like 'requirement" level for rat pac? basically, is there ride arounds for anything sketchy? she's not shabby, but gets nervous on newer things and is still getting used to the stuff i drag her along on:) I don't want to bring her up there if i think she's gonna hate it....
There's ride arounds for most the elevated stuff (which I don't do), but there's a few places I have no idea how to ride and walking the bike around requires holding on to the brakes and kind of shoe-surfing down. I'm a pretty mediocre rider and I still enjoy RP because there's a lot of fun dirt gravity drops and swoopy stuff.

I'd surely bore the hell out of you, but if she wants a mere mortal gal to ride with I might be able to pull some strings... PM me for cell #.
I think Rat Pac is actually a good beginner "freeride" trail. It has a few steep downs but they are brief, If anything Mike has built some great flow into the trail. I feel comfortable taking adventurous beginners out on it.
Broken stunt on Rat Pac.

Rode Rat Pac for the first time yesterday. The stunt called 2nd Floor, (the elevated right hand turn between trees) broke when I stepped on it to check it out. The support was rotten through. I blocked off the trail with some downed wood and part of the the broken support at the end of the straight just before you turn into it. Plus it's obvious after that since the woodwork is tilted the wrong way.

Besides that great trail.
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