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I don't have any pictures. I was in sort of a hurry. There are pictures of the same ride here Mt. Lillian Uber-epic . Turns out, I'm in those, so it works out great!

I got a late start from Bellingham, 7 am late. That put me on the trail at 11:30 or so. My original goal this day was Tronsen Ridge, top to bottom. But the late start made that goal dubious at best. I did have a bailout, Red Hill. I opted to start the ride with that in mind. I've done that ride before, so I knew the route.

I took off at a stupid pace for myself. Tried to keep it up going up the road past Upper Mission Ridge trail head, but that was about it. There's 5000' of climbing and 21 miles to get to the Mt. Lillian TH. 600' - 700' climb up and over Lillian, down most of that, and up a little to the upper Tronsen Ridge TH. 4 1/2 hours after leaving the car.

Cruise down Tronsen. There are 4 pushes on the way to the Junction with Red Hill. Made that junction at 5:15 pm. Decision time. Down the ridge and it's 24 miles to the car. 2 pushes for sure, one about 400'. I bailed.

Red Hill is about 8 miles out to the car and 800' of climbing between Red Hill and Red Hill Spur. Plus Red Hill Spur is in great shape. Down I went.

This loop is 35 miles long, 6800' high, and 7 hours or so. It's good. But you have to not mind doing some fireroad climbing. I'll check the GPS track out and see how long the road section is. The elevation server is down so I can't post a 3D track yet.

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