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It's not just for spring anymore! Drove up Saturday afternoon to an empty campground (maybe 2 other groups). We did a sunset tour of the 24-hour course--beautiful and in good shape (Exfoliator was a little rutted).

Yesterday we started on the IDY side. From Saunders Meadow we rode up May Valley and dropped Logpiles to Lower Southridge (perfect shape, so fun) to Coldwater, climbed Murkwood and the fireroad, finishing it off with the Sunset s/t. It was a perfect 60 degree day, with only a few random patches of snow. Post-ride: met a friend in town for burritos and a Yeti Imperial Stout. Life was good.

Moral of the story: hit it now and it's like your own private park. Enjoy!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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