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I wasn't in condition for the AES Tusayan Tussle event back in August, but doing it as a bikepack sure had its appeal. Mike and I set our sights north for an overnight ride of the 100 mile route with the option to ride up to the S. Kaibab trailhead. Little did we know, simply getting to the ride would prove to be quite the adventure all on its own!!

A Tussle in Tusayan

Tire Sky Wheel Plant Car

Minivans & mud don't mix well.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Mode of transport

BOOM!! Sniper took out the rear window!!

Plant Plant community People in nature Natural landscape Wood

Late start, but we were riding south.

Sky Cloud Atmosphere Afterglow Natural landscape

We managed to reach the south end of our route and found a camp spot nearby.

Plant Vertebrate Branch Natural landscape Mammal

Checking out the new AZT singletrack on Babbitt Ranch. A really nice addition.

Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Plant

Nice to see this sign relocated to the new tread.

Plant Plant community Ecoregion Natural environment Natural landscape

2-track disguised as singletrack.

Plant Tree Natural landscape Wood Trunk

The Coconino Rim passage is a hidden gem along the AZT.

Cloud Plant Sky Ecoregion Natural environment

Canyon view from Grandview Lookout tower.

Plant Cloud Sky Natural landscape Tree

Beautiful finish to our ride.
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