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rp2 shock locked .... help

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I took my fisher hifi apart, cleaning out all the bearings in the suspension. I let all the air out of the shock, which collapsed as it should, allowing me to dismantle bike. I am putting it back together and the shock, still with no air in it, is locked all the way out. I am reluctant to tap it or force the shock out of the locked out position, anybody know the fix or had this happen? I need it to be free so I can put the bike back together. The shock is a stock RP2.

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If it is stuck down you need to do the following. Or send it to fox or take it to your LBS.

Maybe I am reading this wrong but it should stay down unless you pump it with air again. Have you tried pumping it back up again?
I got it figured out; I just pushed a little harder and it moved. I pushed one end on the carpet and got it to move. I'm new at this, thanks for the help. Problem solved.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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