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Royce Union Seismic Pro 24

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I am a beginner in the wonderful world of cycling and need YOUR help! I want to purchase a bike, however, am unfamiliar with the logistics. I want the bike for the purpose of exercising right now. I will get into the pro stuff once I am in shape. A friend knows someone with the Royce Union Seismic Pro 24 3783BX 21-Speed for sale. Can anyone give me any inforamtion on this bike? And, what would be the most anyone would pay for it? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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From all the searching I could find I'd say not to bother. Seems fairly cheaply made with cheap components. You'd be better off sticking with brands like Specialized, Giant etc. The lower end models aren't race worthy, but they're much better than the department store stuff you're looking at.

As for the pro stuff you're misinformed. It's not that we buy pro stuff because we race or are in great shape. We buy it for it's quality, durability, reliability and good costumer service.
Royce Union- -> Huffy in disguise.

As fred³ mentioned, better stick to brands you can find in your Local Bike Shop, not Walmart.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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