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Routing brake cable??

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I'm in the process of upgrading to BB7 brakes on my 02 Rockhopper and wondered what is the best way to route the cable (front and back)? I've decided to go with full housing and will need to drill out the current top tube cable holds but am unsure of the best way to route the cable from there to the back caliper (just one long unattached run from the top tube to the caliper?). Also where is the best place to attach the front cable so that the fork's travel doesn't effect the brakes? Any pics would be awesome! Thanks...
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Do use full length continuous housing.

Route it in the most direct, straightest way possible with not tight bends. Totally ignore the stock guides it you need to.

I run the housing straight down the back of the fork leg. Only attach it to the lowers. It will bind if it is attached to the crown/stantions in any way.
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