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Just like the title says. Finally getting a little time to do some short touring again. After visiting friends from Puget Sound to Cosmopolis, I'm looking to make my way back to either Vancouver WA or Stub Stewart State Park in Oregon. I've driven most of the major paved roads in the area and would prefer quiet back roads, paved or gravel, dirt or tame singletrack for this bike tour. I say tame singletrack, as I'll have a full load of camping gear aboard, and this will be on a 650b tourer, not an MTB.

Anyone have any tips for quiet back roads or more adventurous routes between Aberdeen and Cathlamet, and Stub Stewart State Park? Doesn't have to be as the crow flies, I'm open to adding a bit of length/time to the adventure.

No services necessary. If there isn't a convenient campground/motel/BnB, I'm happy and prepared to stealth camp.

Many thanks!
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