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Rough Lefty

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When I try to compress my lefty slowly, I can feel it's rough rubbing inside.

I hope it's not a norm.

Water seeps into my Forkboot quite a couple, when I pull up the boot, you can see water literally pouring. Is this the cause?
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yep. rusted needle bearings and races probably. this is why the boot is important, and if you're going to ride in those conditions you need to regularly re-grease the bearings in addition to keeping the boot down and watertight.

You will need to have it overhauled for sure, may need some new parts - and check your boot, probably a tear in it somewhere.
Thanks for reply

Nope, no tear on my boot.

I believed that the problem is the water seeps in when I wash and not during ride, cos of the fine weather these days.

I'll get it overhauled next year March-April, should have no problems right?
you're going to continue riding on rough bearings??? go for it but it won't help things. it might be salvageable now. what lefty is it? when was it in for it's last maintenance? does it have an air filter? if it does, it's probably a good idea not to spray water at it.
I'ma on LEFTY SPEED from CAFFINE F2 2009. I just got this bike less than a year ago.

No servicing done yet, April will be the first.

Air filter? How it looks like?

I didn't even spray water, I merely wet my scrub and go across it...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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