Rotor highlights the new INpower which integrates an impressive power meter inside the crank axle for waterproof performance and cleaner data transmission.

Video: New Rotor QX2 XTR Chainring, INpower Rex and Rex 3.1 Cranks

T.J. Trotter introduces Rotor's new INpower Rex Cranks and explains how the data can be utilized to optimize power and training.

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Training with a power meter is a very effective way to help improve conditioning, but for the most part, the technology has been limited to the road side of things. Rotor hopes to change that with their new INpower, which is compatible with their entire range of cranks arms, including their new MTB line.

Power measurements are made via a sleeve that fits inside the crank spindle and contains four stress inserts and an accelerometer. The entire device is powered by a single AA battery which is rated for 300 hours of operation and is replaceable without tools.

The power meter syncs with Rotors custom software to display a graph of your complete pedal stroke. This will display where you produce the most power and help determine the optimal position for their oval Q-Rings.

In addition to the new Rex INpower, they've also released new XTR 1x and 2x chainrings, a 104 BCD narrow wide chainring, and a 1x specific spider for Cannondale cranks.

Gallery: Rotor INpower Rex, INpower Software, QX2 and Cannondale Spider

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