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A none bike related injury has been keeping me off the bike for bit. I wanna ride so bad I swear every time I take more than a passing glance at my ride I start to salivate. O well, videos, mags and forums will have to do for now. Here is a poem for ya:

Roll along, cyclist roll on

For our fat-tire brethren
To our skinny 23cm sisters
Our track stars, gate aces,
Crit kings, time-trailers, dirt jumpers,
Big hit huckers,
All-night singlespeeders,
trailsin' fools,
Across Alaska adventurers,
Grocery-fetchiing townies,
This year's trend fashionistas,
Shaggy legs, or skin shaved slicksters
Full-face armor or little to the imagination Lycra
Sew up Tubies or Schrader valve tradition
Lance worshipers, 'cross mudders,
Pork chop lowriders and fix fanatics
This is a battle rhyme for our souls
Subcultural difference is a fraud
There is no change between tribes
The local park pick-up crit
Sparks the same juices as the
Alley cat to the local tap
Weekend sprung knobby warriors
Wail the same war cry of joy
As sunday's masters' group ride
Flatland spinners and track stand sprinters
Dirt jump flyers and century veterans
We share a common bond so
You, randoneer, best not
Look down-schnoz
At the hardtail trail railer
And you freerider, why must you
See with indifference the BMX ace
Who should recognize his kind
Winning world stripes on the track
Where on the boards you'd be wise
To not snub the alley cat couriers
Who ride the same fixed rigs
As do Lower Eastside wannabies
3/4 pant pedal pushing hot summer fashion
don't be critical to the masses
Tallbike chopperheads, torch in hand
Do not dismiss the miss with the leaden
Double pounder bouncing downhill
Hucker barrons, do not harrumph
The criterium crackpots on their carbon
Paper-thin machines
At every core, no bike is different
No rider less the same
We bond on the breeze in our teeth
The perfect human-machine interface
At our toe-tips, tears of speed
Pulling from our eyes

Ride along cyclist, ride on

This is from the 125 issue of Dirtrag
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