Myofascial Release Massage Tool

The Rolflex takes many shapes, including this vertical stance that allows for easy and effective massage of the hands and arms.​

What is it

The Rolflex massage tool is a clamshell-like arm that closes on the targeted body part from two sides. The user applies tension with hand pressure and the hinge can be adjusted to fit the body part. In addition, the tool can be separated into two pieces so the neck and shoulders can be massaged with one arm. Rolflex has a series of clear and concise videos on proper use of the tool.

As you can see in the video above, this is a well thought-out product with upwards of a dozen uses. We say this being big fans of massage tools. From canes, to sticks, to foam rollers and lacrosse balls, any idle moment can become a productive and healing time, as long as one takes the time and energy to use these tools. It's like stretching, which can be great for cyclists as long as we take the time and effort to do it.


  • Adjustable hinge simple to use and very sturdy
  • Foam rollers on each side have ideal tension and shape
  • Rubber base rests on leg, making it ideal for arm and hand routines
  • Separating the tool in two gives it more reach and versatility
  • Good weight and construction


  • Applying tension by hand takes some getting used to
  • As one-piece tool for the neck, grip is awkward
  • For neck, back and legs, a roller or ball is really more appropriate as one can get body weight to apply pressure.

Myofascial Release Massage Tool

The therapy arm's key strength is the width can be easily adjusted, and the arms can be separated for a greater range of applications.​

Mtbr's Take

We love massage tools, as they can turn any idle moment into a healing one. The only trick is taking the effort to use them. At worst, the Rolflex device is a gadget that will sit idle in the living room. But in our case, we put it by the TV and many have used it. My son found it handy for his tennis elbow injury. He puts his arm in the device and works it to apply just the right amount of pressure.

Myofascial Release Massage Tool

Weight is 387 grams.

In my case, I often have hand pain from typing. This tool has come in handy, as I just close up that hinge to a tighter opening and work my hand to get that release and circulation going. My legs and calves have also benefited, as the key strength of this tool is when one can close in and apply pressure to an extremity.

It also a well-constructed tool that goes beyond the simple stick, roller, or ball, effectively applying pressure to an arm or leg from both sides.

At $60, the price is fair for a well-constructed product. And the nearly 20 YouTube videos provide the knowledge you need to use this tool correctly. At $30-$40, they would sell a lot more of these, as many will be unsure of the need for such a unique product. But the price is reasonable given the design and support efforts behind this product.

The Rolflex Therapy arm can be adjusted to different widths to fit the arms, legs and neck well.

The Rolflex therapy arm can be adjusted to different widths to fit the arms, legs, and neck.​

Rating: 4 out of 5
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Price: $60
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