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While I am currently leaning towards Mavic 517 w/ XTR hubs (best deal I can get), I am wondering what the bottom line is on the Rolf Propels (I can get a reasonable deal). I have read the reviews but figured I would solicit more direct input if you dont mind.

These wheels would be for a Ti hardtail which would be used for XC riding with some singletrack but of course not hucks or the such.....just want a light bike to keep up with my friends on the longer rides we often do with tons of climbing with only moderate singletrack. I weigh 175 and would likely ride moderately aggressive on these singletrack but again, not what I would consider overly technical just average southern Calif singletrack (my other bikes would be used for tough riding).

Does the engineering really work? To my naive eyes it appears that Shimano wheelsets have similar technology in terms of the spoke patterns.

Blame it on becoming a temporary weight-weenie for this new build (first chance I have really had to become suspect to this illness....) but if these wheels do stand up to the riding I would do I figure what the heck, make the bike super light.

Thanks in advance for input.

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