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I see from the Rohloff website that they mention DH chain tensioners and the like, but has anyone here ever used a 14 speed Rohloff hub on a DH or FR bike?

It seems like a no brainer, except of course for the $1K+ price. No derailleurs and 14 non-overlapping gears would be cool.

Do they even make one with 12mm thru axle? I see they list 8-inch Hayes rotors as an option.

Maybe Shimano will come out with a heavy duty Nexus that costs, say, $200 instead of a grand.

I have a brand new Sachs Orbit 2x7 hub with an internal drum brake that I'm going to use someday for a cruiser/commuter. It is pretty cool. It weighs about 7 pounds though.

I predict we'll see more internal gearing in the future.
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