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Rohloff oil?

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anyone know of a source? I've called Rohloff in Emeryville CA with no response. I sent an email to Rohloff and this was the response:

we are currently in the process of trying to resolve a few problems with our USA division. We hope that the usual good service will resume within the next few weeks.
Our USA division is currently out of stock on many components, oil change kits being one of these. If you wish to order components directly from us, then we will be happy to deliver directly to the states.
Simply confirm which components/articles you wish to order and I will get a proforma invoice to you showing the sum that will need to be transferred.
We can only accept advance payment by bank transfers. We are not a shop (as such) and therefore we do not have the facility to accept credit/debit card transactions. As of Monday we hope to have a PayPal account up and running for international direct orders, this may be easier for payment.
You can download our price-list here <>. Simply divide the price by 1.19 to obtain the price minus tax. The invoice for the goods will be this price plus the duty charge in the US and plus postage costs. A small package of up to 500g will cost approximately 6€ and will take roughly 12-14 working days to arrive.
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.
Best Wishes from Fuldatal, Germany.
Stewart Stabik,
Technical Support Manager
Rohloff AG, Germany
(*)/ (*)
Pretty lame that I have to send all the way to Europe to get 25ml of oil I am CERTAIN I can get here for about 1/10 the cost. The non-automotive hardware store down the street has a dozen different weights of oil FFS. I can go to PEP-BOYS and likely have double that variety.

Has anyone put non-rohloff oil in their hubs? Did all of the atoms in the universe suddenly converge to singularity?

What, if anything, is so speziell about Rohloff oil that I can't go to a hardware store and buy some light automotive/industrial oil to use? I can buy dozens of varieties of weights and grades of oil in my own city without the delay or expense! I only need to know what type!
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Wombat said:
You have lots of choices. A quick google search shows it's available from

and many more.

- "Out of stock" "On backorder" *** Stock Status: Ships in 2-3 weeks

yep. tried all of those except Harris. No one actually keeps it in stock, they order it from the US distro when they get an order. Since no one is answering phones at Rohloff USA, it doesn't appear to be happening for anyone stateside. I'm going to try Harris now- Thanks, I always forget they sell stuff too.
So what exactly is happening with Thomas & Rohloff USA? I haven't talked to or visited with him since last summer. Is something up?
You can always order from the UK from, they are a big Rohloff dealer. But it's not cheap.

As for using something other than Rohloff's oil, a lot of people have asked, but no one has admitted to it, mostly because it's a pretty damn expensive hub, and no one wants to be responsible for any issues caused by their recommendation, or cause issues affecting their warranty, especially as Rohloff has been know to take care of their customers. I understand that seals and internal carbon parts are susceptible to certain oils and additives, and they are not easily replaced. Also the oil is a special formulation (additives) to help with high load/low speed friction (under low power), which isn't something you find at local hardware stores.

FYI, you probably do not have to change it right away, they have been known to go a few years without an oil change with no issues.

I'd also like to know what's happening at Rohloff USA, they were always really good to deal with.
I use SAE 80W/90 gear oil with no fancy additives. It holds well, doesn't escape through seals too easily and I can't feel any difference. Been going for over 6 months, it's still clean and haven't lost any yet. I've been known to ford the occasional river and ride through driving rain with no problems. I do loaded touring and put more torque on the system than recommended by Rolhoff.

I'm not impressed by companies that try to brow beat customers into using their propriety add ons. They should either make the system durable enough to withstand popular oils, or release technical specs for their oil.
Thanks folks~

Well my order at Harris is now "PENDING: Rohloff" which means 2 weeks or who knows when. I'm close to 2k miles on the hub and it's making a ticking noise under load that started about 3 months ago.
I'm not impressed by companies that try to brow beat customers into using their propriety add ons. They should either make the system durable enough to withstand popular oils, or release technical specs for their oil.
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