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Scrounging around for some information. Looking at several free ride bikes in the 7"-8" travel range.

1. What Model year did the Rogue start?
2. Anyone with comments/concerns regarding used frame purchases?
3. Where are the good deals at?
4. How does the bike handle XC, not race, but general riding.
5. Washington State Dealers?
6. Whats your opinion on matching the bike up with a Boxxer Ride (5-7" adjustable travel fork)?
7. Rear shock opinions (again Rogue specific)...

Thanks in advance.

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I think I can help you with your questions.
1. The Rogue was introduced as a 2006 model.
2. Used FR/DH frame purchases can always be risky; carefully inspect EVERYTHING beofre making a purchase.
3. Give me a call or e-mail, I have a few in stock and can help you get into one....
4. Being an ICT frame, it pedals amazingly well, and despite the long travel and additional weight over frames with much less travel, is very trailable. I ride mine on all types of trails.
5. Check the Ellsworth website and do a dealer search.
6. Any fork with 6 or more inches of travel is OK; the longer travel the better so it matches the rear end better.
7. You can run the DHX in different sizes to get different amounts of travel, and you can run just about any brand provided it fits and doesn't cause any interference with the frame.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

- Mondo
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