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We came over for the 4th from Eugene. Sessioned Sat morning the upper intermediate and beginner lines.

Beginner LIne: ***** Becareful our first run thru we over shot everything***** :D

Intermediate Line: ***** Becareful our first run we over shot everything***** :D
Found that starting about 30 yds down from the roll in was all thats needed as you speed jump the small gap/kicker (next to tree) then flair to the left hit the 12' table (becareful or flat landings) and then veer left off the 3-step down and launch that table drifting right to transition to left hand table to small gap before the rock garden.

That place is pretty fun, super slippery and lots of potential that will make that a great bike park.

Question, to the right of the 3-step down Int line, theres that line small berm/trench to the uphillside side that leads into the set of gaps..... any chance of making that a bit less sketch/eaiser to jump/run into that first true gap ????

Only took two picture and took 3 run each of video to which no video was recordeed (help Canon ZR90 shows rec in view and seconds but no playback, Canon manual no help) First pic on top of the table below the 3-step ...2nd is 3 step. Sorry no riding unless I can get cam solved ??????

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