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Roco TST-R noise

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hey i have a roco tst r coil on my coiler supreme, and it has started to make a clunking noise in the fully opened (DS) setting. it goes away if i use the AM setting or the CL. I cant figure out what it is, and i have heard people say it happens sometimes to this particular shock. any ideas on what it might be, and if it is fixable?
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i forgot to mention, it is almost like the shock is topping out really hard, not bottoming, and nowhere else in the travel does it make the noise
That's a sign you need a rebuild my friend. The oil is either gone or not going through the shock like it should. How old is the shock?

If the shock came with your bike and is fairly new than the LBS needs to repair it. If you bought the shock aftermarket then it will need to go back to Marzocchi for repairs.

You can probably do the rebuild yourself but guessing that your posting this question I assume you probably aren't too confident with that option...

In any aspect, a call to Marzocchi will yield answers. 1.661.257.6630. Also if you call be nice. Nobody wants to help a <====8
Sound like you have air in your system. Make sure and check your boost valve pressure. Running it too low could cause air to get around the IFP and into your damping oil. Do you have any evidence of oil leaks ?. If so, ignore the rest of this and have it rebuilt. there is one thing you can try that's quick and easy to purge any air. make sure you boost valve has pressure. Open the tiny bleed screw (don't take it out!!) just a turn or two. Only uncrew enough to hear air sputter out. You will also have a small amount of oil seep out as well. Don't take you hand off the allen wrench as it only takes a second. immediately close the screw back against the o-ring. Take the spring off the shock and re-mount to bike. Cycle completely to bottom out and make sure there are no "inteferance sounds". If you lose too much oil during the air purge, you will need to rebuild.
thanks, i can do the rebuild myself, i figured that's what it needed, but i was kinda hoping it was more simple. and it is an aftermarket, my bike is actually a coilair supreme, so this shock replaced the old dhx air. thanks for the reply.
thanks for the tip, ill give it a try
Did it work I am having a similar issue with mine
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