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Roco Coil TSTR Question?

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Question on the TST setting on this shock how tight is the lockout/ CL setting on this shock? Do you get hard tail like lockout performance on this shock? Thanks
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It's not totally locked out, but it's pretty darn stiff.
Like HAB said it's darned stiff. I used one on my old Coiler when I used to hammer the climbs it barley moved maybe an 1/8-1/4" if that and I weighed a good 260 at the time. It's def a lock out IMO.
Lockout? Not in the design

The TST-R has an increased compression setting, not a lockout. When you spin in the saddle, that rear shock is nice and stiff, but will never be locked out. It isn't designed to.

I post this as I had hoped, like you, that it would lock out similar to a front fork, not even close. If it were a true lockout, an out of the saddle mashing would feel a rear end so stiff, it would be comparable to a hardtail - no way..

The term lockout should be used for front forks only. When you flip the switch on your front fork, it is locked out, right? You can come out of the saddle and that front end will not move, just like a rigid fork.

If you would be satisfied with a stiff rear end while in the saddle pedaling, this may be the shock for you.

From a bump / hit / landing perspective, the TST-R is an awesome shock.
Like the first two responders, I found it pretty stiff in the "Climbing" mode. Not totally locked out, but on a bike that didn't require a lot of "platform" support to get up and boogy when hammering, it didn't move much, even when standing.
In2falling said:
hard tail like
Yes. Best shock i have owned for climbing/descending/price.
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