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Rocky Point and Rain?

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Does anyone here have any feedback regarding the etiquette of rain and riding at Rocky Point? How do the trails stand up to wet weather riding?

I know places like Sandy Ridge are supposed to hold up really well to riding in the wet due to soil compostion and the ways the trails are built. Whereas trail systems like Post Canyon are more of a no-go when things are wet because of the clay soil. Even worse is the freeze-thaw out there.

Where does Rocky Point land on this continuum? I love me some inclement weather riding, but not at the expense of excessive damage to the trails.

Oh yeah, I am an NWTA member and have signed the RP waiver.
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Doesn't do well in my experience. I didn't ride it as much this year, but last year I spent a lot of time there. I would give it a couple days or head over to Cold Creek/Sandy if you need to get a ride in now.
Found the answer in a recent post in the “Friends of Rocky Point” FB group.

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