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Rocky Mounts - Pitchfork, Kind of Annoyed

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So late this summer I bought a new car and therefore a new rack. I went with the Rocky Mounts Pitchfork b/c it seemed to have a good reputation and is made in the U.S.

In general, it seems well made and for the most part has held up.

However, the metal pin that the handle pivots around to secure/unsecure the fork has rusted to the point where I have to wrestle with the handle to get it open or closed. It happened on both racks. Grease or WD40 temporarily help make it easier to open/close the handle, but they aren't permanent solutions.

Somewhere in their manual it talks about how all the steel used is marine grade, etc.

Well, I promise you that the pin is not. And I don't know how much they save by cheaping out on one pin, but it's pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Anyone else having this same problem or any suggestions for mitigating the issue?
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I have a Rocky Mounts Lariat SL (discontinued model) and I have had some rust on the actual quick release axle but not on the little pin. I'm guessing the rust on mine is from leaving the rack on my car all the time and it getting rained on. The axle would kind of lock up when I slid it back and forth but I just put dw-40 on it and it's fine now. I don't know how Rocky Mounts' customer service is, but being a smaller company I would guess they are pretty reliable since they are competing with the big boys Yakima and Thule. Maybe shoot them an email or call about the problem and see if they will send you a replacement.
put some marine grease. It helps and stays on as well
the guys at rocky mounts are stand-up guys...we have been sellling their bike racks in our store for many years and have found them to be great to work with.
if you call and explain the problem, my guess is that they'll send you a new skewer or the 1/2 of the skewer that you need replaced under warranty.

also, i'm sure they want to hear about the problem so they can correct it if needed. it shouldn't be a dealbreaker for you...
Thanks all for the replies. I will contact Rocky Mounts and see what they think. Which is probably what I should have done rather than vent on this forum.

I also will throw some marine grease and/or WD40 on there in the meantime.

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