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SO I've been riding for about ten years on an old fs (a GT i-drive XCR3000) that I have over the years upgraded when need and opportunity presented. But the frame is spent and I'm looking for another ride. I found this:

Full suspension Rocky Mountain Element 30. 3D Link suspension. 19". $550
it is an 08.
rear shock is stock.
shimano deore xt derailers.
marzocci comp front fork.
onyx rear hub.
race face ride xc cranks.
Bontranger wheels.

Very lightly used!!!!

So my question to the members of this forum is: is a 2008 Rocky Mountain Element 30 worth $550, is it serviceable - are parts available? pivit point hardware (bushings, etc)? derailuer hanger? etc?


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All pivots and hangers are serviceable and still available. I think it's somewhere in the $80 range for a suspension bearing and bushing kit, and you can get hangers from Rocky or from North Shore Billet and
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