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After considering many 27.5+ bikes (Fuse, Roscoe, Timberjack, etc.) and perusing the forums here, I pulled the trigger on a Rocky Mountain Growler 40 and just got back from first ride. My two other bikes are a full rigid 29er SS and a 3x9 26 full suspension (Scott Genius). I was surprised at how different my ride felt. And that's a good thing--really liked it first spin out.

  • Overall really liked just about everything. Climbs really well; gearing is more than sufficient. I cleared things I don't normally clear.
  • Saddle is just okay. Rear hub is clearly not great, but is okay for now. Grips will go soon too.
  • Plus tires soak up the little bumps, surprisingly better than my old full suspension. Tires help in technical rock and roots; grip is great and rolls over stuff like a 29er does, but seemed better than skinny tires because of the low pressure (I started with 17 up front and 18 in back).
  • Fun on open single track; great on technical sections (ride was not too techy, but has a bit). More confidence on the fast descents.
  • One ride in and I'm super happy with it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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