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Rocky Mountain frameset

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Does anyone know if Rocky Mountain sells their frames separately ? I noticed that some of their frames like the Vertex and Flow are shown on their website as frame only but I was wondering if the others were as well. I'm looking specifically for an ETSX.

Thanks !

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Rocky mountain does sell most of their frames separatley, the ETSX being one of them. You can even get your own custom paint job for a premium.

I believe that the ETSX frame only was going for about $1800 CND but most dealers will knock a fair chunk off that.
Thanks for the quick reply Gearhead, after posting my original message, I got off my lazy ass and called an RM dealer in my city. They confirmed I could buy one but gave me a figure of over $2000Cdn for a 2006 ETSX frame. :rolleyes:

I'll call RM on Monday and see if they have any 2005s in stock in my size.

Thanks again.
The '05 and '06 ETSX are quite different bikes so I would buy the one that better suits you better. The '06 will be laterally stiffer in the back end due to the upgraded mounting hardware and rectangular seat stays vs the old round seat stays. Also, the '06 is sporting a slacker head tube angle and a longer travel back end, more geared toward all mountain use. The '05 worked better as an all mountain race or agressive XC bike.

If you buy a last year's model frame, make sure it is from a reputeable place which offers full manufacturer's warranty. The ETSX bikes ride amazing but are prone to premature frame breakage.
Here are the two standard frame only ETSX's that RM has to offfer:

ETSX Bonfire

and ETSX Nitrous

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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