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Rockville Parking Lot: Lost front wheel

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Just got home and realized I forgot my front wheel in the main Rockville parking lot @ approx 11:30 am. I'm sure the wheel is no longer there but I'm gonna head all the way back there (2 hrs. round trip) to see if someone might have left a FOUND notice :madman: . Would be more than willing to provide some kind of reward if found.

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Found Wheel

We gave the wheel in to the park ranger, 707-428-7614. Give her a call, she should have it for you.
Wow! Thank you so much. I was surprised to find the ranger in the parking lot with my wheel in her truck. I thought for sure my trip back was merely to post a "Lost Wheel" sign at the gate. I saw some broken glass in the lot and have heard that there are occasional car break-ins, so I thought my $500 wheel had no chance for recovery. Thanks for saving me. Not sure exactly how this works as this is my first post on mtbr, but if you PM me your contact info, I'd like to send you a token of my gratitude. Man, merry xmas to me. Thanks again.
What a GREAT ending to this story! Kudos to you guys for doing the right thing.
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tmaster Here's one of my favorite portions of the ride.

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