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I rode Rockville last week when it was still open. Wow! The park is saturated and water is weeping from the ground all over. There is a running stream between the lake and the pond and the pond is discharging onto one of the trails from the pond. The lake, dry mud only a couple of months ago, is overfull and the trails on the south and the west side are flooded (and closed).

Mostly, Rockville rode well if wet due to the nature of the coarser soils. It is so wet because it got 11 inches in one storm!

The lake is fuller than I've ever seen it.

Sky Water Plant community Plant Cloud

A few more storms and we can kayak between the lake and the pond.

Plant Sky Water Plant community Natural landscape

Every gully has a stream now because the hills are weeping water.
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The west side of the lake is awash.

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The roads and trails have wet spots and flooded spots.

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