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I picked this up at my lbs for cheap, to put some new life into an old bike.
I went to install it, and realized that the second it compresses, the shrader valve is going to get severed off. It holds air fine, I asked the LBS to put it to 200 just so I can measure things. I don't have a shock pump. (Installing it is going to need some custom machined brackets)

I googled the shock, and I found about 2 pictures. Both, to my surprise, had the valves ligned up.

I searched the shock for anything that may allow me to twist it back in line, but found nothing. I deflated it all the way, and tried to just use brute force, but still nothing. There is a seam that runs around the top.

A picture is attached.

Is this normal? If not, how should I fix it?


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