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Could any SID owners who change the oil in the lowers themselves offer me some advice?

I get my 2003 SID Team rebuilt by experts at my LBS a couple times a year or so, but in between rebuilds, I change the oil in the lowers myself a few times. I find this is necessary because the oil gets low, and pretty dirty, especially in the damping side of the fork.

However, after I change the oil and reassemble, I always find that with the fork locked out, there is about 1/4" or so of play in the travel. That is, when locked out, if I push down on the handlebars the shock compresses about a 1/4" before hitting the lockout. Not enough play to cause problems, just annoying. When I get my fork back after being rebuilt, the play is never there - only after I work on the fork does this happen. Other than this, the fork always works like new after my oil changes.

As far as I can tell I'm doing everything correctly, I follow the exact procedures in my fork's manual. Does this behavior sound familiar to anyone, any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
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