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I've been looking to replace my rather spongy SR Suntour XCR Lo 100mm with a better fork.
I have a 2008 Giant Terrago which I use mostly for XC and trail riding. I'm 6'2" and weigh 210lb (15 Stone).

I've ordered a set of 100mm 2008 Rockshox Recon SL's, which I found in the sales to replace the Suntours. I was looking to spend less that £200 since the bike was only £425 to begin with. I managed to get these for £179.99 reduced from £320. I was looking at Toras originally, but these were all heavier than my current fork, which weigh 2.2kg. The Recons come in at 2.0kg and after the reductions were priced about the same as the mid-range Tora.

I also looked at the Marzocchi MX Pro Lo at £129.99, but these were post mount and my brakes are IS mount. Not keen to mess around with adaptors and a new front disc, I decided to stick with forks which have IS.

I also considered the Recon 351 (Coil, U-Turn, Motion Control, Poploc)
but it was over £65 more and i'm not too fussed about changing the travel and disrupting the geometry.

I was looking for a fork which would just work pretty much out of the box without too much fine-tuning, Recons in general seem to get favourable reviews,and this looked like a bargain. Surely its going to be an improvement?

Maybe I rushed into buying this fork, but I'm now struggling to find much information/reviews on it? It is on the Rockshox website, but i'm struggling to find any useful info on it?

What exactly is 'Solo Air'? does this mean that its Air and not Coil? Why does the detailed spec list the spring as 'Solo Air, Coil'? What does Turn Key lockout offer?
If I wanted to add Poploc, are there different types? Do I just need the handlebar lever? and is it worth it? What am I missing by not opting for 'Motion Control' Are there any accessories I will need (e.g Fork pump) and which ones?

Thank You for any info.

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"What exactly is 'Solo Air'? does this mean that its Air and not Coil?"

Solo air is exactly what the term says, a single air spring as opposed to a dual air spring with a positive and negative air spring like the Reba or Revelation and others. Yes the model you are getting is an air sprung fork, no coil spring. So you will need a pump to set the fork up for your weight and riding style.

"Why does the detailed spec list the spring as 'Solo Air, Coil'?"

The reason is the Recon forks are available in two versions of each model, one air sprung (Solo Air) the other coil sprung. The current models (09) the 327 is available as solo air only, the 335 and 351 are available as solo air or coil. From what you describe yours is a solo air model.

"What does Turn Key lockout offer?"

The Turn Key lockout is just that, a hydraulic lockout system. However there is no compression damping circuit with the Turn Key system. This is pretty much what you give up by not going with the "Motion Control" damper. Motion control has the lock out, but any settings in between off and on act as a compression damper. The Turn Key also uses a "blow off valve" that when activated and allows the fork to move should you forget to turn the lock out off and take a big enough hit to activate the valve. This prevents damage to the fork internals etc. The Motion Control system has an adjustable blow off valve that RS calls the "Flood Gate". It adjusts the amount of force required to activate the blow off valve. This is another thing that you give up by not going with the Motion Control damper. Your for has a simple non-adjustable lock out, turn it on or turn it off, nothing in between. It is compatable with the Poploc Remote system. But which one I do not know. But It will take a bit more than simply adding a remote lever, the top cap for the Turn Key must also be replaced as there "stock" cap has no place ot attach the Poploc cable to it. I know there are Poploc levers that also include a remote adjustment for forks with the Flood Gate as well. You wouldn't need that adjustment as your fork doesn't have it either. So there are likely different upgade kits available.

"If I wanted to add Poploc, are there different types? Do I just need the handlebar lever?"

See previous paragraph.

"and is it worth it?"

If you use a lock out often then yes. If not then it's just another lever cluttering up you handle bar, and another bit of cable and housing to maintain. Your choice on that one. Personally I rarely use a lock out so it wouldn't be worth it to me.

"What am I missing by not opting for 'Motion Control'?"

See third paragraph above.

Are there any accessories I will need (e.g Fork pump) and which ones?

As noted before, the only accessory you will actually need to use your fork will be a shock pump. As far as which one it's up to you. Pretty much a shock pump is a shock pump. I would recommend one in the 0 to 300 psi range, but you could easily get away with one in the 0 to 200 range, depending on your weight. If you are upwards of 200 lbs I would go with a 0 to 300 range model. The reason being is accuracy. Air gauges are least accurate in the lower and upper 10 to 15% of their range. Anyway, most shock pumps will work fine. There are some out there that are real turds, but not many. If you are concerned check out the reviews section on this site.

That's pretty much it. Hope it helps you out.

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