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Hi guys,

I recently did a 200 hour service on my 2018 Rockshox Reba RL 150mm fork and have a few follow up questions. If anyone could answer some of these, I would really appreciate it:)

I did the service by following the manual as well as a few YouTube videos.

1. Wiper Seals
Firstly, these were a pain to get out. They required a really large amount of leverage to get them out, but it was doable.

The fun came when I tried installing the new wiper seals. In all the videos I saw, people managed to pop these guys in using their fingers. I really struggled to get the new ones in. I took exceptional care making sure they were going in evenly too.

I thought I might have been given the wrong part, but the part numbers were the same as those installed.

I resorted to putting the seals in the freezer overnight and coating the outer with suspension oil. Still I wasn't able to seat them by hand alone.

I resorted to using a piece of PVC pipe and driving them in with a hammer. This took a lot of hammering, but I got them in eventually.

The big question is, is this normal on these forks? Or did I do something wrong? Any tips would be great :)

2. Glide Ring
How do you check if the glide ring is worn? I know that on piston in an engine, you measure the ring gap, but I am not sure how one does it in this application? Simply look for scuff marks?

3. General Wear Parts
For the general wear parts, how do check for wear? Are you only checking visible wear, or are you measuring diameters?

Thanks in advance guys :)
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