RockShox Pike Fork

The Pike is a complete new redesign for RockShox, and the All-Mountain fork will be available in 150mm and 160mm travel for the 26", 27.5" and 29" sizes (29er also gets 140mm), with tapered aluminum steerer and 15mm Maxle. The all-new chassis has 35mm stanchions, a highly engineered crown and asymmetric lower legs. The asymmetry means they added a supporting power bulge by the lower bushings, and continued the taper down on the braking side for strength, while the non-braking stops 40mm down for weight savings. In addition, the lower leg casting on the spring side leg has more volume on the inside than the damping side for lightening purposes.

The Pike will come in two different spring systems, the Solo Air and Dual Position Air, and they'll use the new Charger damper, which comes in an RCT3 and RC versions.

The Charger is an fully bleed cartridge system that uses a extruded bladder design, that expands as the fork compresses, which keeps air out of the system for consistency and smoothness, and offers good weight savings. The RCT3 offers three adjustment modes, open, pedal and lock, and has a adjustable low speed compression in open. The simpler RC has an open mode to one with increasing compression all the way to lock. Both Charger damper versions feature their Rapid Recovery rebound damping technology, which keeps the fork high in its stroke in the softest part of the spring curve, without packing down from multiple successive bumps, letting the fork do the work instead of the rider. The Dual Position Air allows 30mm of travel adjustment, and works by transferring air between chambers, while the Solo Air is fixed-travel.

Pike Specs:
26"- 150 and 160mm travel, 1835g weight, 150 532mm c-a/160 542mm c-a, offset 40mm
27.5" - 150 and 160mm travel, 1861g weight, 150 542mm c-a/160 552mm c-a, offset 42mm
29"- 140 and 150mm and 160mm travel, 1876g weight, 150 561mm c-a/160 571mmc-a, offset 46mm & 51mm
MSRP: $980 - 1085

RockShox Monarch Plus Rear Shock

The Monarch Plus uses the Solo Air spring, their RC3 or R damper, and Rapid Recovery rebound damping technology. They redid all the damping circuit and increased the damper shaft diameter by 1mm to 10mm, so oil flow has been increased, for more consistent and quieter ride, and tuning opportunities. The RC3 shock lever has three adjustments, open, mid and full compression (open, pedal, lock). They added larger volume to the negative air spring, to help reduce the amount of force it takes on initiate bump movement through the first third of travel. It has some nice indention markings on the shaft for sag set up.

Monarch Plus Specs:
MSRP - $486
Weight - 325g
Sizes - 190X51/7.5X2.0, 200X51/7.875X2.0, 200X57/7.875X2.25, 216X63/8.5X2.5 and 222X66 / 8.75X2.6