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Rockshox Lyrik comparisons

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I've been thinking about getting a Lyrik coil U-turn for my Ventana X-5/6. I've been using a Marzocchi Z1 Light on it for the past year, but I haven't been completely satisfied with the
Z1 Light. After experiencing an unpleasant endo with this set up, I've been trying to dial out the softness and brake dive without compromising the qualities I want in the Z1, but I haven't been able to get it to feel right.
I was hoping to hear from Lyrik users who can make comparisons of the fork from say the 07 models to the latest. I don't mind buying a used older model if the performance and adjustability is close to the later models. Or maybe you've found a different fork that you like more than the Lyrik.
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I have both Z1 SLs and Lyrik Solo Airs. Damping is far superior on Lyriks. The coil uturn vsn is the pick of the bunch
07, 08, 09 are all the changes to the fork. For 2010, they have made some changes to the damper (added new versions).

There is the solo air.. fixed at 160mm of travel
THe two stem air.......can change travel in trail from 115 to 160 (cannot set anywhere in-between)
THen the U-turn adjust anywhere between 115 and 160. Takes a few seconds to do (few full turns of the adjuster), but can be done while riding if you need.

As far as durability..air forks are always going to be more maintainance because of the need to have an air tight sealed compartment. Generally adding travel adjust to air has been a MAJOR issue with all companies.

The 2 -step air was rife with isues (and most were somply replaced by RS or converted to solo air or 2-step). Run far away from this model.

If you HAVE to save a few ounces, dont care about travel adjust, and are willing to do a little more service, the solo air is a good fork.

The U-turn is the simplest fork, and will prove to be the most trouble free.

Stick to the Mission control version (there were some OEM models with other dampers) and you have a very solid chasis with great tuning capabilities.

Keep in mind, that any new fork with small volumes of bushing lube will require frequent (very easy) service. Some tuners recomend bushing lube service every 20 hours of riding. That is most likely a bit excessive for most people, but will give you some idea of what should be done to keep things in top shape.

Not sure of your price rangs, but this is a pretty significant discount on the U-turn:
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I had an Z150 before getting a 2010 Lyrik coil. I am not sure if there was something wrong with my Lyrik but no matter how I tuned it, it never felt like it tracked the terrain. Plus it was very linear and would use all it's travel, even off small (1ft) drops. This happened regardless of how much or how little HSC and/or LSC I was running. I really wanted to like the Lyrik since it has all the features I was looking for but overall I was not impressed before it got stolen.

The U-turn is pretty sweet though.
Thanks for the comments.
davep, that was an excellent and comprehensive report on your understanding of the Lyrik. You answered all of my questions and more.

If the 07-09's are the same, I might look for a used one. The problem is I don't see many of the U-turn coils with a 1-1/8" steer tube for sale. I see some solos, 2 steps, and some with 1.5 steer tubes. If I could find one in the $350-$400 range I might jump on it. I wouldn't mind getting a new one, but I just bought a refurbished Pike coil U-turn from PUSH that was intended for the Ventana. I wasn't completely satisfied with the Pike on the X-5, so I ended up putting it on my Turner Burner. If money wasn't an issue, a new one would be on the way.
Do all yeras of the Lyrik have the "Power bulge"? I thought it was an 09+ thing.

Anyway, U-Turn/Solo air would be the way to go, I wouldn't touch 2-step for awhile until they get the kinks out or discontinue it, give it a year or so...Mission control is very tunable, although some don't think there is enough so there are some shim mods you can do.

Chassis of the fork is very very stiff, big stanchions make this fork solid. Buttery smooth as well. Just make sure you get the right spring rate for your fork.
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