27.5" SID & Reba Arrive
RockShox Releases Premium Suspension for 27.5" MTB Wheel Size

As the only full-line supplier of mountain bike suspension componentry, from entry-level to high-end, RockShox continues to offer the freedom of choice to its consumers with a new suspension product for 27.5" wheels.

Not simply a relabeled 26- or 29-inch product, the SID and Reba 27.5 forks utilize a chassis optimized for 27.5" (a.k.a. 650B) wheels - including a specific crown offset, unique crown clearance and dedicated lower legs.

2013 RockShox SID 27.5"
The ultimate cross-country race fork - claiming gold in World Championships, ultra endurance events and the Olympics - is now available for 27.5" application. SID's Superlight Integrated Design structure combined with the 15mm Maxle Lite option and tapered steerer create a chassis with all the stiffness necessary at the weight required to win. For 2013, there will be four models available with 120mm-travel: RL and RLT (with PushLoc remote option), XX with the hydraulic XLoc remote, as well as the three-position RCT3.

2013 RockShox Reba 27.5"
Bike shops, and riders alike, have grown to love Reba for its dependability and ease of service. The 2013 Reba 27.5" will contribute its legacy of reliability and will be available with 120mm travel in two damping models, RL and RLT, with optional cable-actuated PushLoc lock-out remote.

As the leader in 26- and 29-inch specific suspension, RockShox gives riders the choice of wheel size to accurately and easily choose product that best matches their riding style and preferred terrain.

Availability and Pricing
Shipment of these model year 2013 products will begin in December 2012 with suggested retail price from $820-888 USD (653-707€) for SID 27.5" and $673 USD (536€) for Reba27.5"

Source: Tyler Morland