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Rockshox Charger Race Day damper

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these dampers can be found on many of the xc forks and they all seems to have the same problem of oil leaking through the lock-out lever.Rockshox has had similiar issues with other other Charger dampers and it has been fixed with a new seal.

Since Rockshox considers wasting resources and not being environmentally friendly the best business policy by not offering any replacement parts, has anyone fixed this issue the same way as eith other charger models yet? What seal do we need?
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Has RS addressed this issue and fixed all the seals on the Race Day damper? I just bought an upgrade kit and am kinda worried the problem persists.
Rock shox loves to use u cups for there adjusters and they love to leak so.....

Quit often i replace them with a regular o ring, makes them a little tighter to turn but have to be careful to get the correct o ring

Never did one on this damper yet though
The race-day uses o-rings already. Either they don't have enough squeeze or the parts have too much float.
I had one apart once. Attempting to tune it but there was nothing that could be tuned without redesign.
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