Budget minded fork offers promising features starting at $330

Almost like a counterpoint to their recent announcement of their high-end (read: not cheap), pro-only Vivid rear shocks, RockShox has just announced a new XC fork that offers a lot of solid features but won't break the bank. The new 30 Gold fork from RockShox will sell (aftermarket) starting at $330 and in an effort to appeal to all riders, the 30 Gold comes in all 3 mountain bike wheel sizes (26", 27.5" and 29"). The 30 Gold is the successor to the Recon Silver but is much lighter, so it is an even better value.

At 80/100/120 mm of travel, it is definitely an XC oriented fork. For this price, certain things are kept simple like the forged aluminum crown, straight wall anodized aluminum 30mm upper tubes, 9mm QR axle and Magnesium lowers. However, you do get the Solo Air spring, external rebound adjustment and TurnKey lockout. Weight is VERY competitive, especially for this pricepoint. We only have a couple of pictures right now, but we are awaiting more soon.

One thing to note is that two larger wheel sizes come in 100/120mm of travel while the 26" version comes in 80mm/100mm. And of course, the weight varies as follows:

26" RockShox 30 Gold:
weight = 1660 grams (3.66 lb)
travel = 80/100mm

27.5" RockShox 30 Gold:
weight = 1842 grams (4.06 lb)
travel = 100/120mm

29" RockShox 30 Gold:
weight = 1828 grams (4.03 lb)
travel = 100/120mm

The RockShox 30 Gold is available with 1-1/8" aluminum steerer or 1.5" to 1-1/8" tapered aluminum steerer with the exception of the 29" - 120mm travel fork which comes with tapered steerer only. The only color option right now is Diffusion Black.

Official Info from RockShox follows.


Light (actually, very light)? Check. Easy to set up? Check. RockShox ride quality? Check. All wheel sizes compatible? Check. Too good to be true? Not if you are referring to the all-new RockShox 30 Gold.

Aluminum upper tubes are light, very light. That's what we use in our top-of-the-line forks such as SID, Revelation, and now 30 Gold. How much lighter is light? The 30 Gold is nearly half a pound, or 230 grams lighter than its 26-inch predecessor, Recon Silver.

30 Gold uses RockShox proven Solo Air spring technology to deliver the easiest and most precise setup. Simply fill the air chamber to the desired pressure - the system automatically adjusts to give the best balance of sensitivity and bottom out resistance. Hit the trail, knowing your fork is right for you.

At RockShox, our sole focus is to provide a product that allows riders to go faster and ride with more control and comfort. This applies to all riders, not just the professionals who have a regimented diet and train hard every day. Our engineers are as dedicated to delivering superior ride quality on 30 Gold as our World Cup- winning SIDs and BoXXers.

29", 26", or somewhere in between? No need to make any drastic decisions here, because 30 Gold is available for all wheel sizes, including 27.5". At RockShox we believe your wheel size shouldn't limit those choices - the new 30 Gold has got you covered, with up to 120mm of travel.

Wheel Sizes: 26", 27.5", 29"
Weight*: 26" - 1660g (3.66 lb); 27.5" - 1842g (4.06 lb); 29" - 1828g (4.03 lb)
Travel: 26" - 80mm/100mm; 27.5"/29" - 100mm/120mm (29" - 120mm travel tapered steerer only)
Steerer: 1-1/8" aluminum, 1.5" to 1-1/8" tapered aluminum
Crown: Forged 6061 T-6 externally pocketed aluminum
Upper Tube: 30mm straight wall anodized aluminum
Axle: 9mm QR
Lower legs: Magnesium, disc only
Spring: Solo Air

Adjustments: External rebound, TurnKey lockout
Colors: Diffusion Black
Options: PopLoc remote
Maximum Rotor Size: 180mm

*Weight based on 265mm 1-1/8" aluminum steerer, 9mm QR lower leg, Solo Air