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Ages ago I thought I remembered reading a good report on the Pike set up pressures but I did not tag the post because I did not own a pair of Pikes - zoom forward to today - I got a pair of 454 U-Turns as a Christmas present and I have searched high & low for this info (or similar) and drawn a blank.

I weigh circa 200lbs and my riding is aggressive XC with small jumps and step offs, max drop circa 4 to 5 foot.

Any one out there got a good feel for how to set this up, the manual is not exactly great on this score, thnx in advance Paul

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starting point ....

130-135 on the (+)
110-120 on the (-)
FloodGate at 2 turns from Max.

all this setings should be done when fork at max. travel.

set compresion open when going down.
set compresion closed when going up on not-technical trail.

take a pump to your first ride.
change the (+) to set the SAG to your liking.
change the (-) to deal with small stuff (add air for more plushness).

get to a semi-technical climb, move the compression to max. and let the hammers pump. set the Floodgate to minimize front bobing but still having the fork working when you hit a rock or a root.
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