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rockhopper to SS to urban/comfort... ???

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i have an older rockhopper that i unsuccessfully converted to a SS, by that i mean i could never get the chain lined up right and it was always popping off...

anyhow now that my daughter is getting to the age were she can go on bike rides too ive been thinking about buying a urban comfort type bike (i like the look of the Giant Roam 1).

i started thinking, why cant i convert my rockhopper?

is it possible to make it a bullet proof family cruiser?

i would like to add disk brakes, and possibly a internally geared hub...

anyhow just looking for some help.

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you can add disk brakes to any bike but you have to by third party things like "brake therapy".
Look up Sheldon Brown's site about chainline. Also, for a family cruiser, why would you need discs? It wouldn't be worth the time or money, IMO. Lastly, why get an internal gear hub when you've got a dérailleur hanger and a bike specific for gears? It'd be cheaper to get a dérailleur and shifters and you wouldn't have to worry about the chainline.

Lastly, I'd take a retro Rockhopper vs that POS Giant any day of the week.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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