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Rockhopper rear derailler mounts

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I seem to have bent the mounts of my rear derailler. They did straighten them out. I jump logs and stuff on the trails, crashed once but that was on the other side. Is this frame not made to do more then XC? I weigh a decent bit under 100 lbs but I do more challenging trails. Since I've been riding it, within a few months I've broke the rear disk brake, always knocked the gears out of wack like after most rides, bend the disks, broke the headset, bent the stays, etc. I'm now 1x8, is SS my next choice? I'm not sure if I can handle the hills with that. I do mostly rolling terrain though. Is this normal for so much repair on a not too old bike?
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well it's an XC bike so.. it's really not meant for abuse

if you've bent the stays that pretty much means it's taken too much. What wheels do you have on there?
I havent changed the wheels at all, same specialized on there. I am the size of a 10-12 year old. I do jump logs and such with it, more like all mountain riding. I was told it would hold, maybe not lol. My BMX bike I can crash and its fine. Is it because its aluminum? I was thinking if it breaks, I could go SS. I dont ride it a lot, but the guy said it looks like I have lol. I do have fun with it.
I'm kind of suprised that you've bent the stays but the wheels haven't taco'd or anything.

I've taken my 09 RH off 3ft drops onto concrete flats and it's held up. I weigh about 125 or so.
the alex rims flatspotted pretty quick on me
Think its the shock through the axels that bent it? He straightened it but makes me wonder if it will crack. The wheels are fine. I guess I'll ride it and try to keep it more just logs and easy drops and take my jumps off on the BMX. If I get the money and the bike tacos, guess I need to look into a sturdier frame lol. Seems like even the FS mtb are kinda light which I need. I like the hardtails still though. I dont want a DJer for trails, too heavy.
That looks nice! Whats the smallest size? I liked the Rockhopper since I'm VERY small. So the 13" and a 21" or less top tube is as big as I can go. I ride a bmx more now because its easier for me to throw around. But I still love the trails too! I go once a week and a BMX wont do there. I cant believe a small person like me might end up breaking a bike lol.
Yeah, its too big. I'm only 5'1" tall and very tiny. There really arent any 13" frames out there that are decent for me.
Just wondering, if it breaks, whats the warranty on specialized? And what options do I have for a 13" hardtail thats OK light wise but an all mountain/freeride frame?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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