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RockGardn Warbird

Weight:1350-1450 grams size L
Materials:Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner and Dupont Coolmax® liner
Safety Ratings:DOT and ECE R22.05
Vents:Yes - 4 in Shell and 11 in EPS shell, 3 in chin guard
GoggleNot problem fitting large goggles
Strap StyleD-ring with pull tab and snap
Extra Padding for Custom Fit:No
Fully Removable Liner:Fully removable liner
Liner Held In Place How:Plastic snaps and hard plastic tucked between EPS liners and shell, Velcro for cheek pads,

Chin Strap Clip

Visor Adjust Screw/ Vents


Inside Chin Strap

Padded Liner Out

Padded Liner

A lot of vents in EPS


The Rockgardn Warbird helmet is a strange bread in the mountain bike world, it is a great bike product that also teaches some history. The Warbird helmet's paint job is themed off the two most famous fighter planes in WWII. The American P-51 Mustang and the Messerschmitt ME-109. There is a great amount of history in the tales of these famous fighters and Rockgardn has done a great job in bringing a bit of that tale to life in the graphics on the Warbird Series. The helmets themselves are DOT certified and have a nice large round shape. The Warbird series is a bit heavier a helmet then the Blacklite and does give a bit more of a Jack-in-the-Box appearance because of the thick protective EPS shell on the sides. Which is ideal for impacts. The graphic quality is great and the helmet is sure to attract positive comments.

The outer hard shell of the helmet has four screen covered vents in the shell and three in the chin guard. The shell vents have two inlets on the forehead and two exit vents near the lower rear.

The visor adjust screw is easy to access and held the visor in place while testing the helmet. The side screws of the visor are low profile phillips head screws which I am sure are on the very inexpensive side but do their job very well. I never had a problem with the visor loosening up or tightening it back down. Most importantly the visor is of normal size and can get up and out of peripheral vision and never slides down while riding or on a hard impact.

The care put into the making of the helmet is very good for the price. The materials, especially the inner padded liner held together well through the abuse of the washing machine. Actually I like the Warbird inner padded liner much more than the Blacklite. It is fully removable and does not have any glued in parts. This means when removing the liner you wont rip any of the foam off. The cheek pads are held in by Velcro that is stitched in, and the padded liner uses plastic snaps. Good clean design that works, easy to remove and reinsert and should last over time.

The inner padded liner is soft and thick in some parts but does have mesh to allow for better heat lose.

The EPS shell is very well vented for a DOT helmet. There are 11 vents in the EPS shell to help release heat and move air around the head while riding. Most DOT helmets have 2 or 4 small holes drilled into the EPS shell for venting, but the Warbird has 11. Almost as good at the Kali Aatma at less than half the price.

There are really only two things I'd like to see improved on this helmet, and they are the inner padding in the chin guard and the plastic rim around the bottom of the helmet. The inside of the chin guard is a flexable hard plastic that looks less than inviting to smash your face into and the plastic rim around at the very bottom of the helmet around he outer shell is a bit sharp. While putting the helmet on I sometimes felt like I was getting a shave. You can file it rounder to soften it up but it should already be done for you.

With Helmet On:

The size I wore was a large and it fit well. My head measures 59cm round, and I found that with most of the helmets I wore a 60-62cm helmet was required for a good fit.

The helmet was most snug around the top of the head and a good fit on the cheeks but not too snug. There is a bit of left to right play because the helmet is a bit more round. The fit is different from the Blacklite. The Blacklite was tight on my fore and back of the upper head, it didn't fit my oval shape too well. The Warbird is a much closer fit for my oval head but still a bit round.

There is plenty of room for the ears even though there is no specific cut out for them like some helmets have.

When riding the helmet actually vents very well. I was surprised because I was told it is the hotter of the two Rockgardn helmets but that wasn't what I experienced. I think all the well placed vents in the EPS shell really help. Of course if you are sitting around and here is not air being forced through the vents than it does get a bit warm.

One of the things I like most about this helmet is the fact that the cheek pads and outer shell come below my chin line. The helmet feels secure and solid. The thick EPS shell around the sides means and even along the cheeks means a good hit from any direction and it should do the job intended. Keeping your brian safe.

Seeing out the helmet is no problem, it meets the 105 degrees of visibility required by the CPSC and fitting large goggles isn't an issue either.

The chin guard is a good distance from the face but not so much so to seem pointy. As well the chin guard doesn't have a break like shape and is more inline with mountain bike only helmets and less moto helmets.

The inner padded liner does a good job of soaking up sweat and wicking it away. Even if the helmet is hotter than say a TLD, there was never a lot of sweat running down my face while using the helmet, as is the case with a TLD.


Cleaning the helmet is easy to clean and the liner is fully removable. Nice and simple to get out, a little bit of a pain to get part of it back in but no more than 5 min of messing around.

Fits Similar To:

O'Neal Series 9, Rockgardn Warbird


No problems fitting large goggles.

Leatte Brace:

Because the helmet fits low around the chin line and back of the head the helmet doesn't have the greatest mobility in the Leatte brace. Of course that is what you want in a crash, but while riding it would take some getting used to.

Value Rating:

For the money this is a great helmet. It isn't too heavy, is comfortable, well made, and does what it is supposed to do at a good price.

Overall Rating:

Lets face it, it isn't a $300 helmet and as such it isn't as light weight or as well vented as pricier helmets. But overall it does a great job and is better vented while riding then other DOT helmets I've tested. It is comfortable and does fit my not so round head very well. The only reason I can see not getting this helmet would be if it didn't fit, or you didn't like the graphics. But for the DOT safety rating, the great venting while riding and quality it stands out in it's class and price range.

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